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Start Your Own ATM Company.

  • We pay you 100% of the Surcharge
  • Own a franchise with no franchise fees
  • Each placement brings more income
  • A suprisingly small portfolio of ATMs can generate
    incredible revenue
  • ATMs offer you a reliable source of constant income.
  • Manage your ATM Company from your home
  • Access all ATM information on line
  • Most of our start ups earn their entire investment back inside of 6 months then earn profits for years and years
  • Each ATM placement is win-win. You make the surcharge revenue and the merchant where you place the ATM makes more in new cash spending
  • We have the best start up ATM program in the country
  • Low cost to start up
  • Work less hours and still build income
  • Live an unbelievable lifestyle

ATM Money Machine Inc. has developed a program that will enable you to get into the ATM business! Now you can reap the rewards from this outstanding business and we will help you with our proven techniques every step of the way. Every time you place an ATM machine you earn 100% of the transaction income for as long as the ATM machine is there! You can get into this business with very little cost and virtually no limit to the money you can make. Since ATM Money Machine’s ATM program has no hidden fees it is the business opportunity of a lifetime! There is no other ATM banking company that offers a no cost ATM program like ours.

The ATM business is extremely profitable, and anyone can get into it, but most people have no idea! We have a step by step guide that explains the business and helps you every step of the way. Download the starter kit here to be walked through the entire process from start to finish!

Atms For Fcus

ATM Money Machine supplies ATMs across the US in all 50 states, for FCUs and businesses that wish to have an ATM on site for the convenience of their customers. 


Having an ATM at FCUs can make a big difference for your customers and can actually give you a ‘make or break’ reason for them to do business with you in the future. If your Federal Credit Union does not currently have an ATM on your location, you can bet your customers are scouting out another place to take care of their finances. Give them a reason to stay, with an ATM from ATM Money Machine.


Take a look at this terrific deal on an HL2 ATM for FCUs:


- Lease to own: $77 a month with only $1 buyout! 

The Halo II is Hyosung's newest version of their very popular Halo series. The Halo II has added security features, along with a beautiful 10.1" screen. The HALO II uses proven cash dispensing technology engineered for maximum uptime, widely regarded as the best in the industry. The system is also positioned to support cardless cash withdrawals using an optional NFC reader (Near Field Communications) feature, an attractive option to users transitioning to cardless transactions.The HALO II provides the best value of any retail cash dispenser in the industry with added peace of mind from enhanced security features at an affordable price.


ATMs make a wonderful complement to FCUs! Look at ATM Money Machine’s next deal:


- #25: Great ATM value. Lease to own: $80 a  month with only $1 Buyout! This ATM features:


- 7 inch color display

- Illuminated topper

- Lit action indicators

- Additional security features

- 800 note cassette with optional upgrades

- Duel swipe: reads cards from any angle

- Ready for lottery


This machine is packed with features like a 7” high-resolution LCD screen and a dual-head swipe card reader. No matter which way you swipe your card, the card reader will read the card. This machine has numerous security features such as a vault that has been reinforced along the door edge and a flashing security LED added to help prevent physical attacks. It also has a "dummy" camera on the front of the machine, that gives customers the impression that it has a working security camera. This model is great for a site that has any security concerns.


You’re going to love owning an ATM. Included free of charge with all leases: free shipping, free installation, free training, free online monitoring, free one year parts warranty, free customer support and free on-screen and receipt advertising.


We all know that cash is king, and with the increasing costs for businesses to accept credit and debit cards, many businesses are opting out of plastic. Instead of paying someone else a portion of your sales, why not make money by having cash spent in your business?


For more information on ATMs for FCUs, please visit ATM Money Machine online at, or place a call to 609-641-7300.

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