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Start Your Own ATM Company.

  • We pay you 100% of the Surcharge
  • Own a franchise with no franchise fees
  • Each placement brings more income
  • A suprisingly small portfolio of ATMs can generate
    incredible revenue
  • ATMs offer you a reliable source of constant income.
  • Manage your ATM Company from your home
  • Access all ATM information on line
  • Most of our start ups earn their entire investment back inside of 6 months then earn profits for years and years
  • Each ATM placement is win-win. You make the surcharge revenue and the merchant where you place the ATM makes more in new cash spending
  • We have the best start up ATM program in the country
  • Low cost to start up
  • Work less hours and still build income
  • Live an unbelievable lifestyle

ATM Money Machine Inc. has developed a program that will enable you to get into the ATM business! Now you can reap the rewards from this outstanding business and we will help you with our proven techniques every step of the way. Every time you place an ATM machine you earn 100% of the transaction income for as long as the ATM machine is there! You can get into this business with very little cost and virtually no limit to the money you can make. Since ATM Money Machine’s ATM program has no hidden fees it is the business opportunity of a lifetime! There is no other ATM banking company that offers a no cost ATM program like ours.

The ATM business is extremely profitable, and anyone can get into it, but most people have no idea! We have a step by step guide that explains the business and helps you every step of the way. Download the starter kit here to be walked through the entire process from start to finish!

Free Emv Upgrade

Do you own an ATM machine that has not yet been upgraded to accept EMV cards? The deadline is drawing near to switch over to accept them. Now is the time to start providing this service to your valued customers. You can receive a free EMV upgrade when you contact ATM Money Machine.


Every ATM in the country will have to be EMV compliant, meaning if yours has not been upgraded, you will soon have to do whatever it takes to make the necessary changes. ATM Money Machine can help you get compliant with a discount on this service, or a free EMV upgrade, depending on how much business you do at your location. Take a look at what they offer to existing ATM Machines:


- If you currently own an ATM, all we need is to see your current statements to offer you huge discounts on EMV upgrades!

- If you do over 100 monthly transactions, we will offer you 30% off EMV pricing or an additional $200 off a new ATM machine.

- If you do over 200 monthly transactions, we will offer you 60% off EMV pricing or an additional $400 off a new ATM machine.

- If you do over 300 monthly transactions or higher, you will receive a free EMV upgrade! - Or you get an additional $500 off any new ATM.


ATM Money Machine is a master distributor for every ATM manufacturer and can help you get compliant with an existing ATM or help you with a new placement, ensuring that it will accept EMV cards. They’ve been in business for more than 15 years and have helped customers just like you get set up with an ATM machine in their stores and locations.


Magnetic strip skimming is causing ATM slide transactions to decrease in security. The rise in fraud has led to more aggressive programs to ensure the continued safety of each transaction for clients. Discover Card, MasterCard, and Visa have released liability shift dates that impact every ATM owner in the US, and are offering some very practical incentives for ATM owners who do so by the shift dates.


ATM Money Machine makes it painless to make the switch, ensuring your customers the security they are seeking when transacting at an ATM. Your customers will continue doing business with you when they see that you have become EMV compliant, as well, there are a number of potential customers who will be looking for ATMs that are compliant before deciding to do business with them.


You may have been wondering about what the EMV upgrade means for you. It means you’ll be better prepared to meet the needs of your customers. You’ll make more money because more customers will transact with your ATM machine, and will spend a portion of that money in your store.


If you’d like to learn more about a free EMV upgrade from ATM Money Machine, please go online to and read about their offer. You can also make a call to 609-641-7300, where a specialist can answer all of your questions.


Free Emv Upgrade
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Free Emv Upgrade