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ATM Money Machine offers both the purchasing of an ATM machine and the leasing-to-own of an ATM machine. Whether you buy your own ATM machine, or you lease to own your own ATM machine, you set your surcharge and keep 100% of the profits off of the machine. It has never been easier to buy an ATM machine than it is today. For as little as $1,799.00, you can own an ATM machine. Or, for as low as $77 a month, you can lease to own an ATM machine. Both programs allow your business to make a large profit off of having the ATM machine, as well as generating a lot of new cash spending for the business.
ATM Buyers Guide

Used EMV Compliant Triton Models

Prices starting from $1,299

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Lease to own: $77 a month


The Halo II is Hyosung's newest version of their very popular Halo series. The Halo II has added security features, along with a beautiful 10.1" screen. The HALO II uses proven cash dispensing technology engineered for maximum uptime, widely regarded as the best in the industry. The system is also positioned to support cardless cash withdrawals using an optional NFC reader (Near Field Communications) feature, an attractive option to users transitioning to cardless transactions.The HALO II provides the best value of any retail cash dispenser in the industry with added peace of mind from enhanced security features at an affordable price.

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#25: Great ATM Value

Lease to own: $80 a month


  • 7 inch color display
  • Illuminated topper
  • Lit action indicators
  • Additional security features
  • 800 note cassette with optional upgrades
  • Duel swipe: reads cards from any angle
  • Ready for lottery

  • This machine is packed with features like a 7” high-resolution LCD screen and a dual-head swipe card reader. No matter which way you swipe your card, the card reader will read the card. This machine has numerous security features such as a vault that has been reinforced along the door edge and a flashing security LED added to help prevent physical attacks. It also has a "dummy" camera on the front of the machine, that gives off the impression that it has a working security camera. This model is great for a site that has any security concerns.

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#27: Top of the Line ATM

Lease to own: $88 a month


  • 10.2 inch color display
  • Integrated topper sign
  • Infrared Touch Function Keys
  • 1,000 note cassette with optional upgrades
  • Supports Six Languages
  • Ready for lottery

  • This model is the top of the line in the entry level ATM machines. This model has a large, 10.2 inch color display that allows for advertising. It also has a touch screen, which is very easy for customers to operate .This model also is equipped with energy saving features like low energy LCD. This model is great for a customer looking for a machine that is both functional and beautiful.

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Argo: The Newest ATM Machine

Lease to own: $91 a month



  • Eco-friendly printer-less options
  • Option for receipts to be e-mailed or sent as text message
  • Upgraded 1,000 note removable cassette for no additional charge
  • Integrated lit topper
  • 7" or 12” TOUCH SCREEN Color Monitor
  • Ready for lottery

  • The ARGO ATM is the newest ATM model. It is manufactured in the United States. The sleek design is one that will look good in all businesses. This model comes stock with a touch screen, which usually is a very expensive upgrade. This model has an eco-friendly, printer-less option, where you can eliminate having a printer. It also comes with the option for customers to have their receipt e-mailed or sent as a SMS text message, instead of having a printed receipt. This machine comes stock with a 1,000 note removable heavy duty cassette. This model is perfect for a customer looking for a state of the art machine, at a cost-friendly price point.

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Triton Traverse

Lease to own: $80 a month


  • 8” Color Monitor
  • Integrated Topper Sign
  • Pull out Cash Cassette
  • Ready for lottery

  • This is one of the newest ATM models, and is manufactured in the United States. The Triton Traverse is sleek and very user friendly. This model comes stock with an upgraded dispenser that can hold up to 1,200 notes. This model is designed for heavy usage, and is perfect for a high traffic location. With an 8 inch HD screen, this machine is perfect for advertising.

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Included free of charge with lease:

  • Free shipping
  • Free installation
  • Free training
  • Free online monitoring
  • Free one year parts warranty
  • Free customer support
  • Free on screen and receipt advertising
  • Ready for lottery
  • ATM Buyers Guide

Results related to your ATM may vary.

This question really depends on the customer. In order to lease, you must own the business where the machine is going to be placed. When leasing, there are no out of pocket fees up front. The first lease payment is taken out 10 days after the ATM machine is installed. You only need to do one transaction a day, or less, depending on your surcharge amount to cover the leasing cost of the ATM machine. Also, all of our leasing options are lease to own the machine, where at the end of the contract you own the ATM machine! Leasing is the best choice if you don’t want to go out of pocket for anything upfront. Our leases start as low as $77 a month, making it a very affordable way to own your own machine. When purchasing, it’s a one time fee and then everything after that is a profit off of the machine. We sell our ATMs at, or close to cost so when you buy from us you will be getting the best possible price on your ATM. Regardless of what program you choose, you keep 100% of all the surcharge revenue profits off of the machine.

When you buy your own ATM machine, most people pay off the cost of the machine within the first 4-6 months, and everything after that is a profit off of the machine. Buying an ATM machine has never been easier. When you own your own ATM machine, you can change the surcharge at anytime. If you start off with a $2.00 surcharge, you can always move it up to $2.50 or any other rate at any point to increase your sales. You can also use the screen of your own ATM machine to do advertising. You can use this advertising to sell products in your store, or even promote your own ATM business. We have numerous different ATM machines for sale, with all different features. You can call us at anytime, and we can walk you through what ATM machine would work best for your business.

When you lease to own your own ATM machine, you get all the benefits of having an ATM machine in your business, without the upfront capitol. At the end of the lease, you own the atm machine. The difference between buying an ATM machine and leasing an ATM machine is simply the payment method, everything else is the same. Owning an ATM machine is something that is going to be very beneficial for your business. If you buy an ATM or lease an ATM from ATM Money Machine, you will be very happy with your decision!

Even with debit and credit cards, cash will always be king. With the increasing costs for businesses to take debit and credit cards, many businesses are looking for an alternative to taking plastic. Rather than paying someone a percent of your sales, why not make money and have cash being spent in your business. Having an ATM machine in your business not only will save you the money you spend on credit card processing, but you also make money off of having an ATM machine in your business! When you purchase or lease an ATM machine from ATM Money Machine, you get to select your surcharge amount. Every time a customer uses your ATM machine, you keep 100% of all the surcharge revenue profits. Your customers can make withdrawals on your ATM by using a debit card or a credit card, and can also check their balances on the ATM. You get to select what denomination you use in your ATM. ATM machines are also a drawl into your business. If someone walks by your business, they may come in just to use your ATM machine. When the customer takes money out of your ATM machine, the cash retention rate is 35-40%. That makes that someone using your ATM machine will spend 35-40% of the money they just took out of the ATM machine and spend it inside your business. You’re bringing in new customers to your business all thanks to your ATM machine! Also, by having an ATM machine inside your business, you’re eliminating the risk of having credit card charge backs. Rather than accepting checks, and running the risk of them bouncing, you can have your customers use your ATM machine. This way, you don’t loose the customer and gain cash without the risk! Here at ATM Money Machine, we have absolutely no hidden fees. Therefore, you’re making 100% of all the surcharge revenue profit off of having an ATM machine, and you also get the benefits of the extra cash spending! ATM machines are very easy to work, and we set you up with a technician to train you on how to work all aspects of the ATM. If you’re having any problems with your ATM machine, we have a 24/7 technical support line to help you with any ATM related problems. Worried about time management? It only takes about 3 minutes from start to finish to stock an ATM machine with cash. ATM machines require very little time. In total, about 10 minutes a month would be necessary to be spent on your ATM machine. You can make thousands of dollars a month with only 10 minutes of work by having an ATM machine! We also offer signage for your ATM machine to bring more people into your business to use your ATM. We handle all the processing of your ATM machine, FREE OF CHARGE! That’s right, there are NO fee’s associated with having an ATM machine inside your business. You simply purchase or lease the ATM, and collect the monthly surcharge revenue profits off of the ATM machine. We have customers making thousands of dollars a month by having an ATM machine, and that doesn’t even include the new cash spending inside their business.

How will I know if my machine will do well?
The main thing you have to look at is how many people come into your business a day. The average usage a day is anywhere from 4-8% of people that walk by the ATM machine. Therefore, if you have over 150 people coming in your business a day, you could have between 6-12 uses a day on your ATM machine. If you set your surcharge on your ATM machine at $2.95, which is what most banks charge to use their ATM, you could be making between $530-$1,100. A majority of our customer’s average at least 300 ATM uses a month. Some of our customers see well over 2,000 transactions a month on their ATM machine. It all depends on how busy the location is. The way to determine how many transactions your ATM machine will do is to take the amount of people walking into your business and multiplying that by .06. Most restaurants see at least 300 people a day, giving your ATM machine close to 20 uses a day. Keep in mind; you will also see a majority of the cash being withdrawn out of the ATM machine spent inside your business. So not only are you making a profit off of the surcharges on the ATM machine, but you’re also going to see more cash being spent inside your business. And as we said before, CASH IS KING!

Our average each of our ATM machines dispense hundreds of thousands of dollars each year

The average user will spend a substantial portion of accessed cash in your business

A typical ATM customer will spend 20-25% more than a non-ATM customer

60% of Americans between 25 & 49 use the ATMs 8 times a month

ATM machines will increase retail store sales on average between 8% to 15%

An ATM lowers the amount credit card transactions and in turn saves you bank fees

ATMs provide a needed service to your customers

ATMs save your business from having to take checks

  • Free technical and Customer support for you ATM machine
  • You receive 100% of the surcharge fees off of the ATM
  • Free website to monitor your ATM from any computer
  • Courteous and helpful staff focused on customer service
  • The best ATM values in the country
  • Guaranteed to NEVER be undersold - we will beat any ATM Price!
  • Parts, labor, and supplies warranty for 5 years available to all clients
  • Speedy, direct ATM shipping
  • We serve all 50 States
  • Prompt payments to you for your ATM surcharge fees
  • On screen and receipt advertising
  • Onsite ATM installation and training
  • Guaranteed ATM buy back program
  • One of the oldest ATM banking companies in America.
  • Our average businesses ATMs dispense hundreds of thousands of dollars every year & much of this cash is spent on site
  • Average user will spend a substantial portion of accessed cash in your business
  • Lowers credit card transactions saving you bank fees
  • Eliminates the problem of credit card charge backs
  • Surcharge revenue alone should pay for your ATM is less than 6 months
  • Saves your business from having to take checks
  • With our ATM program, you receive 100% of the transaction fee with no hidden charges
  • Free ATM technical support
  • Free website access to check your ATMs
  • Our ATMs are safe and secure
  • ATMs are low cost with high returns

Our clients buy from us because we offer extremely competitive pricing. We can’t be beat!